Earth Day Clean Up 2011

Join us for the annual clean up of the Skokie Lagoons.


Depaul's Iraqi Student Project is running a Kayak-A-Thon on Saturday May 14th to raise money for a sophomore DePaul Student from Baghdad to cover non-tuition costs.

For more information check out their website

Also check out the Feature in Evanston Local Tribune!!

Roll with It! CP's Winter Fav

The Rolling and Rescue class at the Skokie Lifetime Fitness pool introduced me to The Northwest Passage about 7 years ago. I took the class with my dad and some family friends. I had previously paddled a kayak only a handfull of times.

Instructor Keith Heger worked with my buddy Kulby and me during the first night. As the end of the pool session drew to a close, Kulby had hit his roll once, and I was still just making it halfway up, sucking down a gulp of air and then plunging back into the warm pool water.