New Caledonia Multi-Sport Adventure

Duration: 8 Days, 7 Nights
Skill Rating: 1
Accomodations: Family Owned Inns
Price:$ 3,995

A view of strikingly vibrant and textured sea reefs of New Caledonia can only be matched by the luminescent, light pollution free, starry night skies. Paddle amongst abundant wildlife and breathtaking seascapes with us in New Caledonia, a South Pacific paradise known for its indigenous villages and French-inspired cuisine. Don’t miss this visually stunning and adventure inducing kayak trip!

Galapagos Islands Multi-Sport Adventure

Duration: 9 Days, 8 Nights
Skill Rating: 1
Accomodations: Hotels/ Lodges
Price:$ 3,895

The Galapagos Islands have thrilled and enchanted visitors since Charles Darwin's historic visit. Follow in his footsteps as we examine the surreal land and seascapes and observe the “open air” zoo of local wildlife by even more intimately than he did  on the  H.M.S. Beagle as as we kayak, snorkel, and mountain bike through this unique and delicate environment.   Join us as we hop across the islands and actively explore this adventure paradise.

Ireland Cycling Tour

Duration: 8 Days, 7 Nights
Skill Rating: 1
Accomodations: Lodge, Local Guesthouses and B&B's
Price:$ 1,650
Dates: Contact us for 2013-2014 Dates

Join us for an unforgettable cycling tour through the lush, green hills of Ireland. Set out for adventure as you cycle Ireland’s beautiful and historic countryside by day, and retire each evening to the warm hospitality of traditional, family owned Irish pubs and inns. No cycling experience required, just an adventurous spirit!

Southern Africa Cycling, Hiking & Safari

Skill Rating: 1
Accomodations: Hotels, B&B’s, Bungalows
Price:$ 4,250

Come for the fantastic coastal and mountainside cycling. Stay for the most diverse game safari in Africa! Depart from Cape Town, “the fairest cape in the world,” and explore all the South Africa has to offer on this unforgettable, extended multi-sport trip. Haven’t had enough? On most departures, stay in the area another two weeks and summit Kilimanjaro!