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Redeeming your Groupon. 
Book early to reserve the best dates.
Once registered cancellation policy applies
You can use your unexpired Groupon on our Chicago Day Kayaking page.  If you would like to add extra guests, you can always combine any combination of Groupon's and paying guests on one reservation.
Click on the Dates & Times tab, select a time that works for you and hit the "Book It" button. 
In Step 1, don't forget to select the link "Do you have a daily deal?". Then check the box indicating that you have a "coupon". 
In Step 2, after you have entered all of your personal information and that of your guest(s) enter your Groupon number located in the upper right-hand corner of your voucher in the "coupon" field(s). One coupon per person.  Enter the coupon number as shown here 1234-AB (caps required, do not enter the # symbol). Once your reach step 3 your codes have been confirmed.  Navigate the remaining fields and steps. Our office will confirm your registration with an email packet containing additional information. See you on the water!

Expired Groupon 

For those that did not get to use their Groupons prior to the expiration, not to worry!  The Northwest Passage wants to honor the $$$ you spent. We are happy to apply that dollar amount to any program with The Northwest Passage. 
In order to utilize an expired Groupon, enter the Groupon code in the "coupon code" section of Step 2 in your registration process. (Note: if you are registering for a Chicago Day Kayaking program with an expired Groupon DO NOT check the "Yes, I have a discount code." Rather enter the expired Groupon code in the coupon code section of Step 2 of the registration process.)
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