A Unique Adventure in a World Renowned Destination

Typically, we spend part of the first day of our Santorini Kayak Adventure walking along the ridgeline of Santorini's crescent moon shaped bluffs. It's a wonderful, leisurely hike that literally presents a stunning grand vista with every step.

Walking this trail through some of the iconic blufftop towns makes it obvious to anyone why Santorini is such a renowned destination, and why so many visitors are content to relax on their balconies for a week, never venturing further than their favorite taverna. It's a mesmerizing view both day and night.

Of course, that's not how we do Santorini. We love ourselves some morning coffee and evening happy hours on the balcony, but in between those times we like to travel on our own terms. Where many see a beautiful place to just sit relax, we see a wonderful adventure venue.

The beautiful Mediterranean is not just for viewing. It's our kayak highway and the key to so many secret Santorini treasures along the coastline.

If you want to experience the amazing sites that make Santorini a classic cover photo for glossy travel magazines and embark on a sublime adventure, the Santorini Kayak Adventure is right up your alley. Join us and you'll walk through doors that are shut to all other visitors.