EASY: No experience required! Our guides help you learn a new sport or become comfortable in the outdoors. Calm waters, well marked trails and helpful instructors characterize these trips. An eager spirit and a smile are all you need.

MODERATE: Try out new skills, learn new techniques and stretch your comfort zone a little. You encounter short open water crossings, 20-30 mile bike rides and full day hikes over varied terrain. Your heart rate goes up, but no special conditioning is necessary. Basic experience with the trip activities is required and our guides help you expand your skills and take on new challenges.

DEMANDING: When you're proficient in the basic and intermediate skills of any sport and ready for open water, challenging weather, back country camping and a chance to push your limits without going over the top, this is your level. Prepare for some strenuous days in order to fully enjoy these adventures.

EXTREME: Your skill level and physical conditioning must be high as you may encounter adverse conditions that test your abilities. You spend both days and nights in some of the most extreme conditions the planet has to offer. You test all your limits. Trip specific preparation is required and you must obtain consent of the trip leader to participate.