Amalfi Coast Kayak Adventure

Naples, Italy

 Based on double occupancy. Single supplement applies. $1,100

8 Days, 7 Nights

8 Days, 7 Nights

Skill Rating
Van Supported

Naples, Italy

4-Star Hotels


 Based on double occupancy. Single supplement applies. $1,100

Guides, ground transportation, support vehicle, lodging, meals per itinerary (B,D), all kayaking equipment, instruction.
Not Included
Air or train to Naples, lunches, drinks and one dinner, personal clothing and accessories, full medical, baggage and trip cancellation insurance, airport taxes, any unique historical tours and operas, gratuities for guides. Single Supplement: $1,100.
“The Amalfi Coast is a must see by kayak. The NW Passage proved fabulous support for your adventures. Five star rating.” -Dianne A.

If thoughts of deep red Italian wine, fabulous pasta and decadent desserts make your heart skip a beat, this trip’s for you! We will kayak the azure blue sea along the rugged coastline of south Italy, visit the magical island of Capri and land on the jet-set playground of Positano. Of course we allow ourselves to be spoiled by Italian hospitality everywhere we go. Come along and discover “La Dolce Vita” Northwest Passage style!

Day 1: The trip officially beginsat 10:00am at the Naples Train Station Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi), or otherwise by arrangement.  From the train station, we will head to Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius, the famous site of the tragic volcanic eruption burying Pompeii and neighboring Herculaneum. We will have a tour of Pompeii, and then shuttle down to Amalfi. There are many options for lunch in Amalfi. You’ll have some free time in the afternoon to explore Amalfi. We’ll get together to enjoy the incredible Italian culture, have a drink and begin to get to know one another. We will review the itinerary for the week and answer whatever questions you may have. D

Day 2: After breakfast, we will outfit everyone with a paddle, PFD and sprayskirt, then head across the street to the beach where we will provide basic kayaking instruction. Once we have gained a comfortable level handling our kayaks, the group will head off along the Amalfi coast toward Salerno. Lunch will be enjoyed in Minori or Maiori two neighboring communities offering a taste of life on the Amalfi coast. A wonderful dryland treat is the open air Villa Museum in Minori featuring a well preserved Villa and numerous artifacts revealing the lifestyle along this coast hundreds of years ago. Returning to Amalfi, you will have some free time to relax and soak in the sights. We’ll end the day exploring the famous narrow streets of Ravello.  B,D

Day 3: We will get an early start as the day’s sea kayaking will take us along one of the most famous coastlines in Italy with our final destination being the enchanting city of Positano. The coastline of Amalfi offers you an opportunity to experience a blend of nature and architecture like no other. The view from the waterline highlights the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Italian building. Your vision will blur as you focus on the wonderment of history displayed along this amazing stretch of coastline. Lunch will be enjoyed at one of the many water access ports along the coast. Arriving in the elegant and cosmopolitan Positano, you will have a chance to explore the steep city streets and wander up into the hillside grabbing a bird’s eye view of the water below. We’ll celebrate our accomplishments with another wonderful dinner experience. B, D

Day 4: We will depart from Positano, heading along the coastline to Recommone. Today’s paddle will take you away from the shoreline communities and along a stretch of remote Amalfi coastline. The steep countryside along this stretch offers a glimpse into a region that is untouched by the hand of development. Ancient towers once occupied by the varied world emperors are the only remaining structures. Recommone, our final destination, offers a remote and rural setting. This water access only village is hard to find on most maps but offers true Italian luxury. We plan to spend two nights in Recommone. B,D

Day 5: You will wake to find yourself with plenty of options. The day will be structured to provide you with numerous options: take a hike to ancient Turkish ruins, paddle to the nationally protected island of Isca or pull up a beach chair and enjoy the Mediterranean warmth. Marina de Cantone a short half-mile walk or paddle offers lunch options and our first views of Capri. The choice is yours- we will help guide the way. B,D

Day 6: With a full day of exciting paddling ahead, we will depart early from Recommone and head west towards the Isle of Capri. Today’s paddle will take you along the remaining coastline of the Amalfi Peninsula into the open waters of the Gulf of Naples. Your horizon will open and fill with views of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius and of course our final destination, the Isle of Capri. The length of paddling today is 12 miles. Dinner this evening will be on your own. Hotel shuttles will provide transportation to Marina Grande or enjoy a pleasant evening in the quiet and friendly Marina Piccola. B

Day 7: Today you will explore Capri like no other. Our goal: a complete paddling loop of the Isle of Capri. The reward: breathtaking views, rugged coastline, a glimpse at an island enchanted with Italian romance. We will make sure to include delicious cappuccino stops and as always, a hearty lunch. Dinner will be enjoyed overlooking the Arch de Natural and the breathtaking Amalfi coast. Memories made and stories embellished, we will enjoy our final Italian food and drink experience. B,D

Day 8: The trip officially ends on Capri in the morning. You will have the option to board a ferry directly to Naples where a short taxi ride (not included) will drop you at the train station or airport. Those with no time commitments can ferry to Sorrento for transportation back to Naples. B

Note: This is our intended itinerary. As with any adventure travel, the forces of nature can be unpredictable, causing us to make adjustments and changes to the itinerary. Rest assured that we will have numerous options if changes need to be made. If it is too windy to paddle, various hiking, cultural and historical options will make you glad for the winds.

“The Amalfi Coast is a must see by kayak. The NW Passage proved fabulous support for your adventures. Five star rating.” -Dianne A.

“Keith and Ryan were wonderful. They always a had a sense of humor and I felt secure being with them on the sea.” -Julie G. 

“A great little holiday!” -Joyce S.

“I enjoyed the combo of fantastic scenery, wild and urban, and being taken around by enthusiastic guides on land and sea to see as much as possible.” -Honor D..

“Bring only your essentials, especially your smile. Prepare for an invigorating, joyous week. You’re not too old to enjoy it thoroughly.” -Norman S.

“The Amalfi trip was pure enchantment--scenery and geology--terrific in every way!” -John S. 

“The Amalfi Coast is a must see by kayak. The NW Passage proved fabulous support for your adventures. Five star rating.” -Dianne A. 

“An excellent choice with all the details taken care of. All you have to do is paddle, eat and enjoy.” -Michelle S. 

“Paddling to Capri was great. We found an unexpected cave and a great secluded beach. Bravo for an excellent trip!” -Julie G.

“Eat, play and rest. Just enjoy and take it all in.”

A recommendation from Barry: 

"The longer answer is filled with such kiwi slang as, sweet as, geez wayne, hey bro just gotta, man alive, c’mon cuz it’s all go, shake a leg, which all at some point add up to saying us Kiwis think this is the Rolls Royce of Kayaking trips.  It may not be the classic of Crete, or the Caldera n Sunsets of Santorini..... but trust us when we say it’s awesome in its own right. What an awesome way to flirt with the rich n famous around the waters of Capri. To get to the best local restaurants that not even google knows about. It would be fair to say Fiona n I have been really lucky travel wise with thing’s we’ve been able to do and see. In doing this trip with NWP we were just blown away by all the hidden pathways, view points, restaurants, etc that we didn’t know about. We had visited most of the places before via land travel and knew only about 30% of what these guys did, even with Mr Google n Miss Siri Although in good guiding fashion one evening we did do a “lot”of step climbing, n descending after the directions failed slightly..... before finally reaching our destination.... but at least the resulting views and local restaurant soon diluted any doubts that this wouldn’t be just as sublime as all that had preceded and was indeed to follow.
So just pack your bags .... very lightly, grab the credit card and enjoy one of our favs ....."

The Amalfi Coast, or Costiera Amalfitana as it is known in Italian, gained importance as a maritime and trading power during the 7th Century. Salt, timber, grain, and silk were just a few of the staple goods that were bartered for, or purchased with gold by the Amalfian merchants. It was during this time of growth and prosperity that Amalfi developed its distinct architecture, some of which still remains today.


By the 11th century, the Amalfi Coast had begun its decline as a military and trading power. It was not, however, until the middle of the 12th Century when a tsunami caused much of the old town to slide into the sea that Amalfi's time of power and influence came to an end.  At its height, Amalfi supported an impressive population of 70,000-80,000 people. Today, however, Amalfi has returned to its origins as a charming costal town with a population of only 5,000 people.


During Medieval times, Amalfi gained a reputation, not for its trading power, but for its flourishing schools of mathematics and law. The invention of the mariner's compass is attributed to this period and is commonly associated with an Amalfi native, Flavio Gioia. Amalfi returns to its medieval roots during the Carnival season in early spring, when the residents take to the streets in costumes from the period.


Today, Amalfi is known for its production of Limoncello, a a lemon liqueur usually served as an after-dinner digestive. The lemons that are traditionally used for its production are Sorrento lemons, which can be seen growing abundantly throughout the region most of the year. You will also be able to sample the famous "Italian Ice" made with the local lemons.


Amalfi is also known for its production of thick, hand-made paper which is locally referred to as "bambagina". This high-quality paper is exported to Europe and America for use on special occasions, such as weddings, and is treasured by artists world-wide. If time permits, we may be able to observe artisans working at this craft, and perhaps even lend them a hand on a few sheets.