Don't Miss the Adventure Bus!

Hey! Happy Spring to all of you guys,
Did you know that we’ve got the sights for your sore eyes?

It’s true, it’s true, you’re long overdue
For fun in the sun and a voyage on big blue.

Kayaking Greek seas is sure to do more than just please.
Beginners, fret not, joining the fun requires no expertise.

This ain’t no fooling and no bragging neither,
Our adventures’ll send your heart over the moon and into the ether.

Your travel time is a resource both precious and rare.
Are you a myopic tourist? Or a traveler extraordinaire?

Choosing the latter will make your time and memories radder.
The former lacks excitement and its highs are much flatter.

And did we fail to mention these aren't mere "trips"?
These adventure gems'll put glide in your stride and more dip in your hips.

No subsitutes. These adventures are unique with a capital U.
Rest assured, when everyday's novel you're sure to feel brand new.

The time is now. Don't wait until you're gluing on dentures,
To realize that you should've invested more in adventure!