Full Moon Kayak Adventure

Skill Rating


Minimum Age
All kayak equipment, instruction and transportation of gear to location.
Not Included
Transportation, food and personal equipment (See equipment list for specific requirements).
We had a great time, thank's for the adventure, we really enjoyed it!!!
-Kathleen & Brian, Gurnee, IL

Join the experienced instructors of The Northwest Passage for an evening to remember. Slip into the water and take in a unique sunset perspective from the seat of your kayak off the waters of Gillson Beach, WIlmette. As the sun sets our paddle on Lake Michigan is rewarded with the brilliance of the moon rise. There are only 3 dates throughout the summer. All equipment is provided and alternate dates and locations maybe needed due to weather and lake conditions. Limited number of spaces.

Upon arrival (arrive 10 minutes prior to start), we will ask everyone to check-in with one of the instructors. Once you have checked in and all your paperwork is accounted for, you will begin your lesson.

If you have personal belonging that you do not want to get wet you should either leave them in your car, seal them in a dry bag, or check with the instructor to see if there is another alternative. We will brief you on where to go and what to take with you.

Once you check-in you will move on to the outfit station where we will fit you with a PFD (personal flotation device) and a paddle. From there you will move on to an instructor who will give your group a brief shore lesson on equipment, outfit, safety, techniques and program goals.

Finally, you will be fitted in a kayak and move on to the water section of the course. We will spend most of our time paddling along the lakefront (or around islands at the Skokie Lagoons), admiring the scenery and enjoying the tranquility of sea kayaking.

These programs are designed to be recreational, not speed races but a relaxing paddle in a beautiful spot. We typically get participants at all levels of kayaking abilities from total beginners to experienced paddlers just looking for more time on the water.

We had a great time, thank's for the adventure, we really enjoyed it!!!
-Kathleen & Brian, Gurnee, IL

Wilmette is a village which borders Lake Michigan. According to stats Wilmette was ranked the best place to live in 2015 based on several factors. Wilmette has a developed urban forest. 

History Trivia: Wilmette is the home to the Baha’i House of Worship, the only one in the United States.