Are you ready for some high stakes brain teasers?! Just kidding, the stakes are low but the rewards are BIG.

Test your wits against the questions below to unlock The Northwest Passage's 2022 Deal!

1. What is "Filoxenia"?
A) NWP guides' favorite meal to cook on camping trips
B) The name of the first explorer to reach the North Pole
C) Characteristic Greek hospitality meaning "friend to a stranger"
D) A delicious savory pastry widely available in Crete

2. Where did Zeus grow up?
A) Mt. Olympus
B) Athens
C) Asgard
D) In a cave on Crete

3. On the island of Keros (in the Small Cyclades), archaeologists have discovered many distinctive, flat-faced marble figurines dating back thousands of years. Which artist took inspiration from these sculptures?
A) Pablo Picasso
B) Paul Cezanne
C) Henri Matisse
D) Francisco Goya

4. What is The Northwest Passage's namesake?
A) A sea route through Canada's far north islands that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
B) The route to the North Pole
C) A Stan Rogers song of the same title
D) It just has a nice ring to it

5. What's significant about the Greek Island, Gavdos?
A) It's the southernmost point in Europe
B) Though tiny, it's had a permanent population since the Neolithic era
C) After the Trojan War, Odysseus was waylaid there for seven years (emphasis on laid...if you know the story) by Kalypso during his return journey to Ithaca
D) Duh, all of the above