Excellent camp -- Warren had a great experience, both fun and educational, truly a wonderful week! Thank you to the counselors. Linda, Winnetka, IL 2018


I went kayaking on August 11th. Thank you for a great start to a wonderful birthday. Adam was knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. 
It was hilarious when my aunt turned over her kayak when we were barely five minutes into our adventure. Adam and two other young ladies were right there to assist my aunt.  Thank you for a great time. Sincerely, Kym L. Chicago, IL 2017

 Thank you keith.  We've had such happy feedback from everyone! You and John had the perfect touch. You allowed everyone to feel safe and confident. People wanted to keep paddling! -Lauria, Glencoe, Illinois 2016 

"Best guides ever! We have done many trips biking and quality of the experience is directly related to knowledge, skill and attitude of the guides. Eric exceeds all expectations."  - Sheila H. Wautoma, Wisconsin- Honduras 2016

"Yoga and circumnavigation were experiences I will cherish for life met my highest expectation."  - Tim H. Wautoma, Wisconsin- Honduras 2016

"Best way for a family to take a spring break..." - Tim H. Wautoma, Wisconsin- Honduras 2016

"Great time. Thanks for making our 2016 Mother/Daughter soiree an exceptional one! - Deb S. Amsterdam, Netherlands- Honduras 2016

" For the ultimate escape and paddling adventure, join The Northwest Passage in Crete or Roatan for an exceptional experience! It will be memorable." - Deb S. Amsterdam, Netherlands- Honduras 2016

"I came to kayak and to push my comfort level. I was more than satisfied. The bonus was the interesting people who provided good conversation, companionship and great laughs." -Suzanne Fee Stevens Point, WIsconsin- Honduras 2016 

 "Eric and Rick, Thanks for a fabulous adventure. Exciting to be part of the "first ever" circumnavigation and help to get the paddle path for others. The Northwest Passage exceeds my expectations again! - Deb S. Amsterdam, Netherlands- Honduras 2016

 "I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the trip. I felt like a true explorer and adventurist. This trip fulfilled one of my dreams. The company and bonding was the best. To Rick and Eric from the bottom of my inner soul, THANKS again for all your assistance. - Tim H. Wautoma, Wisconsin- Honduras 2016

 "I thoroughly enjoyed the trip! Kayaking was great, water was beautiful - warm, colorful and calm for much of the trip. I loved snorkeling! Eric our guide made this trip special. He could no have done anything more to make this trip special, safe and enjoyable! It was fun being part of a group that craved out a adventure in Roatan.  - Sheila H. Wautoma, Wisconsin- Honduras 2016

“I want you to know how appreciative I am, That Rick, CP & Eric were amazing guides, I am grateful that I lived through tough days of paddling!!” - Olga Stevens Point, Wisconsin- Ios Fall 2015

“Another great paddling experience with NWP. Good paddling, good lodging, fine food. A special thanks to my rock running guides; CP and Eric. See you all again on a future trip” - Florence Denver, Colorado- Ios Fall 2015
“ The Magic of  NWP trip is the people, the places, the experience, all that comes together in a way that creates memories that don’t just last a lifetime they nourish Each day and each tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the magic of your vast experience” -Lorne Gladstone, Toronto, Canada- Ios Fall 2015
“Rick, Chris, Eric,
Thank you for an absolutely great week! Being pushed to do my personal Best for distance-time in a boat-size of waves was personally very rewarding. I appreciate your patience. Experience and professionalism in putting it all together. It was on honor and a pleasure to be part of such a distinguished group as ours turned out to be! –WOW! - Walter Gorham, Canada- Ios Fall 2015
“Chris (CP) +Eric,
Big waves, Big Wind, Taverns, Raki, The Jumpy, Caves, Threading the rocks, Cliff (mini cliff) jumping. Swim through the caves, Labryinthe, sunset hikes (with snacks!), YAMMAS!! Tomorrow Never Comes…”
-Thank you Linda and Paul Pinole CA- Crete Fall 2015 

"Hi Rick,

It’s Sunday morning and I am heading off on a two weeks of business travel but couldn’t resist taking a few moments to get an email off to you.  I have an amazing “emotional tan” following my experience in Crete with you and the NWP team!   Wow… what an absolutely terrific week.  I truly enjoyed the experience.

What a week…

The camaraderie of the group and the knowledge, support and expertise of the NWP team, but the ability to have “your space” during the week. Perfect hotel choices for the type of event -they didn’t mind a little sand or dripping on the floor! Encouragement from the NWP team, but no pressure to do anything more or less than you wanted to all week Historic sites and Samaria Gorge, interesting and added to the experience of the week….otherwise we would have paddled 100 miles, “super full  monty”

The local food was fabulous, including the yogurt!  Ahhh, and the cappuccino breaks, not my Starbucks but oh so very enjoyable. The destinations during the week just seemed to get prettier… as we entered Loutro…I couldn’t help but share this observation with you

And about the NWP level of detail and logistics:  mud glamour treatments, massage appointments pre-booked,  Nicki’s pungent goat bell birthday gift, t-shirts, snacks and libations on the hikes, luggage in the room after  a great day of paddling and my “full monty” certificate – so sweet

Closing farewell call from you as we were being driven back to the airport was such a nice touch!

My compliments to you and the team on an exceptional experience.  Sorry I couldn’t stay for week #2.   I will be back for another NWP trip or two if you can tolerate my enthusiasm.

Best regards and sincere thanks to all," - Deb S.  Boston, MA

 "Hi Adam,

I just wanted to tell you what a superb time we had on our Northwest Passage multisport trip last weekend. It far surpassed our expectations - we knew it would be fun and exciting but we didn't know how much.  The best part about the trip was the guides, Mike and Paxton. Mike was so qualified and conscientious and attentive to our every need.  He was an excellent leader and took full responsibility for the excursions, safety in everything we did, prep and clean up for the meals, etc. The kids loved him because he was a lot of fun and made sure they had a great time, esp getting comfortable in the water.  He tried hard to encourage Sam, who didn't care for rock climbing, and made sure he had an extra good time  on the paddle boards.
Paxton has the most positive and fun personality and was super encouraging on the rock climbing. I don't think we would have climbed so high without his tips and encouragement. He knew the rocks so well he could tell us just what to do. We felt very safe and confident with his instruction. There was another group watching us and I could sense their envy!  He was a blast on the paddle boards too and was like a (nice) big brother to the kids. They loved him.
Both guides taught us campfire games and made our last night there really fun. They accommodated our every need and were really flexible to do what we wanted without complaint. My kids mentioned later that Mike and Paxton were more like family friends than guides. They said it was one of the best vacations we've ever taken.
Thank you so much for such a great trip. We will do it again and are recommending NW Passage to all our friends, and especially these two guides!
Sincerely" - Kathy and Brad Gossard Wilmette, IL - Devil's Lake, 2015

"If you want to sit on a beach all day and have a cabana boy bring you Rum Punch while you are on vacation, this might not be the trip for you. If, on the other hand, you want to literally immerse yourself in some of the most beautiful water in the world, experience life like a local and finish each day with that wonderful fatigue that comes from doing a vigorous but fun activity all day long (and makes that first cold beer taste like heaven) this is your adventure. My sincere thanks to Rick, Emily and all the Northwest Passage staff for truly making this the trip of a lifetime!! - Rob and Ann Keville, East Lyme, CT - Crete, 2014

"I am grateful to have had this experience. Without such an expertly guided tour, I would have missed some lesser-known treasures of Crete. Thank you Eric and Andrew. You're the best!" -Susan Titterton, Morrisville, VT - Crete, 2014

“A wonderful experience with wonderful people. Thank you all for the journey and please come and visit England at some point. You are all welcome, particularly 'Sasha'! Spacibo" -Erin M., Cheltenham, UK -  Crete, 2011
“This has been a wonderful experience. Looking forward to another trip in the future – my kayaking skills have greatly improved – thanks for all the support” -Sandy R., Austin, TX - Crete, 2011

“Dear Rick and Ryan – Kudos to you both for a great circumnavigation of not one, not two, but at least three Cyclades islands! Wow! Thank you! Also a special acknowledgment for your skills at finding outstanding inns and tavernas. They've been the best and so are you! Thanks too for bringing us together for the adventure. Sincerely" -Karen C., Ottawa, ON, Canada - Paros, 2011

“I can't think of ant finer introduction to the Greek Isles. Thank you for sharing your passion, your expertise, and your sense of adventure. It was a trip of a lifetime with many fond memories.” -Aaron and Marie Z., Fort Collins, CO - Paros, 2011

What a wonderful week it has been – great paddling, ambience and comraderie. I have tons of photos and wonderful memories of our time together. Here's to our next adventures – We'll be back.” -Jo-Lynne S., Toronto, ON, Canada - Milos, 2011

“I wish I could describe it but you must experience it.” -Burt M., Downers Grove, IL (participant 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and counting)

“Week of 'No-Se Cows'” - Milos
This was a spectacular week, visually, physically and well - “fun-meter-wise”! Thank you Rick! Thank you Ryan! And Elena! For your care, your kindmess, your ease and your sense of adventure you brought to this week. I can't wait to come back! Take good care of yourselves and let's meet again!!  Brazos y beces." -Clare C., Aptos, CA - Milos, 2011

“A great trip thanks to Rick, Ryan and Elena.” -Evelyn W., Toronto, ON, Canada - Milos, 2011

"What a fabulous 2 weeks! Incredible paddling and a rare insight into Greece that few people see, thank you! The first thing I will do when I get home, after my laundry, is buy a kayak. I'm hooked and ready to train for the next trip! Many kind thoughts to all of you." -Margo M., Ottawa, ON, Canada - Milos, 2011
“Northwest Team! What an amazing adventure! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this experience... believe it or not it was absolute zen for me. Working hard but having the quiet time to recharge. You are truly skilled – paddling, yes, but also in terms of your ability to read people, understanding what they need in terms of support and care. And of course... terriffic senses of humor!! I can't wait to do this again! I am seriously looking forward to hanging out with you all again! :) All the best to you and your loved ones." -Izzy, Ottawa, ON, Canada - Sanotrini, 2011

“They will ‘massage your soul’ and ‘kick your ass’!”  -Josie P.

“Relax and enjoy the ride.  It’s food for your soul.  Bring less because more is cumbersome.”     -Mary K.

“Thanks to Rick, Ryan and Elena for a wonderful revitalizing 2 weeks. Highlights were cave exploration on Milos, hiking in Thirassia and stopping in any tavernas. Would recommend NW Passage for a great experience.” Evelyn W., Toronto, ON, Canada - Milos and Santorini Double Dip, 2011

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an amazing two weeks. Surpassed our expectations! (Again!!) Warm hugs!” -Valerie and Avrim L., Ottawa, ON, Canada - Milos and Santorini Double Dip, 2011

"A superb week! An opening to another culture, stupendous geography and scenery and the company of friends and new acquaintances. Great food wine and beer. What more could one ask for? Challenging paddling but secure and serene in the capable and reasoning hands of our coach and teammates. Thank you for an unforgettable, life enriching experience.” -Don and Catherine C., Vanouver, BC, Canada - Santorini, 2011

"You did a wonderful job of rolling with the “windy punches”. Without hesitation, I'd recommend you to those who trust me. Warmest regards"  -Don R., Ottawa, ON, Canada - Santorini, 2011

“The trip came up TRUMPS. My husband and I had a wonderful time. Chris and Rick were fantastic giving a Tow Job.” -Glenis and David P., Brisbane, Australia. - Milos, 2011

“Milos was every bit as wonderful as Crete. Kudos to Rick and Chris. I particularly enjoyed being Cleopatra for the day. Next on to Honduras.” -Jan J., Manistique, MI - Milos, 2011

“It was amazing, crazy fun! Rick and Chris thank you so much for everything you did to keep the fun rolling and taking care of us. Speaking of rolling – it was a blast!” -Kate E., Seattle, WA - Crete, 2011

“Kayaking 'The Full Monty' in Crete made for an incredible honeymoon for Kate and me! Chris can tow anything and is not just a master of rolling but teaching it as well, and Rick's knowladge and recommendations never led us astray. We loved it! Thanks so much." -Charlie R., Seattle, WA - Crete, 2011

“Great Trip! Thanks for the many ways you met our needs and desires to make it so.” -Bud M., Golden, CO - Santorini, 2011

“Thanks for all your great leadership and for introducing us to this marvelous place. We appreciate your felxibility and helping us be so successful with this adventure!" -Best, BJ M., Golden, CO - Santorini, 2011

“So many special memories. Each day brought a newness to the trip experience. Your expertise, humor and excellent flexibility is beyond reproach.  Thank you for an excellent trip." -Norby and Harold P., Littleton, CO - Santorini, 2011

“Thank you so much for another Northwest Passage adventure. The sanctuary was amazing, so sacred. See you soon.  P.S. Mention to Nancy that this trip was not easier than Crete!” -Kathy P., Vancouver, BC, Canada - Santorini, 2011

“Kayaking through the caldera on calm seas. A dream. The whistle of the monastery in the distance. A blessed trip. Thank you.”-Jonathan S., New York, NY - Santorini, 2011

“NWP – What an amazing experience this has been! All the experience and familiarity with the locale certainly comes through in the depth of knowledge of place and people and opportunities for FUN! Our team of guides is awesome, led by “Dennis the Menace” (Chris P.), “Alexi” aka “Sasha” (Alex C.), “Gandolf” (Ben M.) and Connor S. “The Dude”. You are the BEST! Thank you for a really great time!” -Maureen H., Deerfield, IL - Crete, 2011

“A beautiful trip to take!” -Jessica H., Chicago. IL - Crete, 2011

“Chris, Alex, Connor and Ben – AWESOME, Great guides, Great guys! Kri Kri Challenge, Don't eat this!” -Francisco P. New York, NY - Crete, 2011

Geological Evolution – Michael Watts – Santorini, 2011
The African Tetonic Plate
Said to Europe “We've got a date !”
I'll subduct your southern shore
and make a brand new ocean floor
this ocean trench between us two
we'll fill with water calm and blue
and call it – well – “the med” will do
Then from the mantle's liquid core
we'll make volcanoes rise and roar
then when they cool off up in the air
they'll be a lot of islands there

these islands in the Grecian seas
we'll call them – well - “the cyclades”
because they'll form a great big ring
around that “Apollo's birth place” thing
And in some far and distant time
will come sailors drinking wine
they'll paddle boats and write in rhyme
a rage of warriors bred in blood
the cycladic north west kayak club”

“The most impressive feature of the trip is the opportunity to experience a little of the spirit of the Cretan people.  ‘TODAY IS LIFE, TOMORROW NEVER COME’ –painted on the sea-wall at Matala”-Michael W., Goderich, Canada - 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011

“I had a great time playing hooky with the NWP crew in Greece. Yammas!”-Devon C., Clarkston, MI - Crete, 2011

“An excellent way to have the most adventurous trip in your life in a safe manner” - Jan J., Manistique, MI - Milos, 2011

“The years of experience show through in the total package which has been developed to have a safe holiday extending one's paddling experience and enjoyment” - Glennis P., Brisbane, Australia – Milos, 2011

“ Adventure with a capital “A” - and no advil needed. Guranteed to lose adiposity and gain Artemis” - Michael W., Goderich, ON, Canada - Mykonos, 2011

“Remain flexible, learn to chill, make decisions that apply to current conditions and have fun!!” - Cindy L., Sauk Rapids, MI - Mykonos, 2011

“It was an experience in every sense of the word – fun, challenging, exhausting and joyful. I haven't had this much fun since I was a kid” - Kate E., Seattle, WA - Crete, 2011

“We took the Crete kayaking trip for our honeymoon, and we couldnt have designed a more perfect trip. From paddling and swimming in incredibly blue warm water, to the impressive hike through the Gorge, to the delicious food, the ruins, tiring us out thoroughly, and even learning to roll a sea kayak, we loved it all. Listen to the guides and you'll never go wrong.” - Charles R., Seattle, WA - Crete, 2011

“Excellent trip! Fun meter was spinning the whole time – never expected to come home with my own Greek phone number...!” - Cindy L., Sauk Rapids, MI - Santorini, 2011

“Sun, sand, surf, serenity, solace, serendipity and some social sipping with special sea-going souls. A surprising surfeit of super times.” - Michael W., Goderich, ON, Canada - Santorini, 2011

"The best active vacation on the market! Great location, great attention to details and great service. This trip is what an adventure trip should be.";  -Blayne H., Ely, MN - Crete, 2010

“It’s all about dancing on soft, bright blue water-; Thank you!  Where else in the world can you paddle in warm, clear blue seas, on secluded coasts in company of new found friends.    The guides are 10+ - incredible, superior staff.”  -Linda A., Ijamsville, MD - Crete, 2010

“As always, you did another great job! Special kudos to Nancy and Rick. Super job behind the scenes. Everything was so well coordinated.” -Blayne H. Ely, MN - Crete, 2010

“The week passed too quickly and under the strangest of circumstances- Rick, myself and 16 of the most impressive women available!  Great trip. I really appreciate the NWP folks and the people of Crete.  Hope it will happen again.” -Jay G.

“When a friend told me that this trip was life-changing, I didn’t really know what she meant.  Now, I know- The scenery is spectacular, the guides were truly perfect, our daily activities were very inspirational and I learned so much about myself- Not to be missed!”- Lisa S., Lake Forest, IL - Crete, 2010

"The quality and professionalism was very high - capable, friendly and worked well with novices." - S. Stein Northwestern University Professor Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences - Lake Michigan 2009

"The combo of fantastic scenery. wild and urban and being taken around by enthusiastic guides on land and sea to see as much as possible." -Honor D., Toronto, ON, Canada - Amalfi Coast, 2009

"The Amalfi Coast is a must see by kayak. The Northwest Passage provides a fabulous support for your adventures 5 star rating" -Deane A., Vida, OR - Amalfi Coast, 2009

"Best trip I have ever had in the wilderness." -Claire D., Oxford, MS - Apostle Islands, 2009

"The trip exceeded my expectations in everyway: the quality and amount of climbing and the overall flow of the trip was perfect. Again, I credit the guides for everything except the weather." -Mike Z., Wilmette, IL - Devil's Lake Rock Climbing, 2009

"The guides were, as always, just superb. We were helped to stretch our self-perceived boundaries and achieved both distance and enjoyment." -Carol P., Sammamish, WA - Milos Exploratory, 2008

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a wonderful vacation I had!  I’ve done nothing but sing the praises of Northwest Passage since I returned.  Great planning, awesome food, beautiful weather.  You all are truly expert at what you do.  From your kayaking skills to making sure everyone felt welcome, safe and accommodated.  It far, far exceeded my expectations.  There were days when my arms ached and I wondered what was so bad about lying on a beach- but I wouldn’t trade a second of any of the paddling for anything.  I even grew to really like that gritty, salty thing I had going after a day on the seas.  So- look for me to sign on again- it may be a couple of years- and it might be the Italy hiking tip instead of kayaking or maybe even dog-sledding… who knows?  Fondly,Sue T., Chicago, IL - Milos, 2008

" You are contributing mightily to the community by making possible experiences like this one. You go Northwest Passage staff." -Don R., Evanston, IL - Apostle Islands, 2008

"This is definitely one of my most enjoyable vacations. It was a challenge for me personally, and I think my 3 kids to complete the kayak trip (we are all beginners). I felt so good that we were all able to complete the trip. The guides were so patient and nice to us as we were learning. The whole experience was great being with family for a week without TV, cell phones. It was definitely one of our better vacations and we will be visiting the website and planning another trip in the future."  -Heidi O., Aurora, IL - Apostle Islands, 2008

“Thanks to Nancy and Adam (a dynamic duo) who provided a perfect balance of options and instruction.  With their guidance, we were able to experience many firsts while breaking only a few rules.  Suddha truly made our meditation and yoga a spiritual journey.  This trip (including our laughter) surpassed all expectations.  We will keep the memories in our hearts forever.  There are too many wonderful memories that I’ll have with me to try to pick what I enjoyed most!  Loved the options- on a free day a few of us fed goats while naked on Sweetwater Beach which was a fabulous experience.  Crete is a magical place, which was perfect for our 1st experience kayaking.  We are also very grateful for the raki trick (it’s jut a shame we didn’t use it the first time).  To experience a trip which so fully engaged all of our senses is a life changing gift.  Thank you Northwest Passage.”  -The Triple Threat  (Jenifer, Kristin, Helen)

“Thanks for a unique Cretan experience and for making the experience so special.  Also for going the extra mile to help Marilynne ‘max’ her experience.  The guides were excellent- felt they tried to make everyone’s experience special.  The itinerary was well planned and challenging.  A trip I’ll never forget.  Rick and Mike went out of their way to assure that everyone maxed their experience.  Anyone who wants a unique experience and wants to challenge themselves and enjoy themselves should do this trip.”-Bob S., Austerlitz, NY - Crete, 2007

“Surrender to the experience.  Surrender to the ants. Surrender to the sun; surrender to waves, surrender to the dirt; surrender to gorge.” -Diane C., Bedford Hills, NY - Crete, 2006

“Like minded people… adventurers, lovers of nature… Never before have so many souls sang in harmony.  We had a lovely time with a lovely group of people.  Thank you, Northwest Passage, for the experience of a lifetime.” -Ann M., Armonk, NY - Crete, 2006

"We just returned form Greece and I have to say this was the trip of a life time!!!  We felt fully cared for, challenged, and totally satiated!" -Suzanne M., Denver, CO - Crete, 2006

“This trip was to be a milestone in my life-and it has lived up to my expectations.  The experiences-natural, cultural, and cuisine will be remembered for the rest of my life.  It is an escape from everyday realities, a travel back in time, a cultural diversification.  Kayaking was great-the Crete experience will never be forgotten-I recommend it.”  -Kim W., Hoboken, NJ - Crete, 2006

“The phenomenal natural beauty of seeing Crete by kayak coupled with constant fun.” -Diane H., Celebration, FL - Crete, 2005

“The guides will take you from where you are and move you along so that you not only enjoy each leg of the trip, but gain in confidence and skill so that you feel great about the experience.”  -Bryna C., Evanston, IL - Crete, 2005

“I'd never been interested in organized group trips, but this was wonderful.  There was always someone willing to help out, share sunscreen, clean your plate, lighten the load through humor.”- Leslie L., Palatine, IL - Crete, 2005

“ If you are looking for breath taking beauty, authentic foods, charming Greek Villages, falling into bed with the exhaustion of a child- this is a trip for you.”- Carolyn M., Stow, MA - Crete, 2005

“Come with an open mind and only the expectation that you will be surprised and delighted by the country, the water, and all you will learn – not least, about yourself.”- Susan K., Arlington, VA - Crete, 2005

“If you want to learn to sea kayak with the best guides, teacher, and supporters- take an Inn to Inn Sea Kayaking in Crete trip.” – Barbara H., New York, NY - Crete, 2005

“Anyone can enjoy this trip, but the more you prepare the more you can participate in and the better the experience.” Mary M., Vancouver, BC, Canada - Crete, 2005

“ It was truly an experience of a lifetime.  I expected the physical challenges that this trip sometimes (but really not too often) presented, but I hadn’t expected the other challenges- challenges to myself and my inhibitions.  I can’t say that I enjoy cliff jumping, but I can say that I did it twice!”- Alison M., Brookline, MA - Crete, 2005

“Once again, NWP has provided a once in a lifetime trip.  Your love of people, life and nature shines through in everything you do.  Thank you!  If you’re thinking about this trip, go for it!  You can do more than you think you can.”    -Don J., Alsip, IL - Amalfi, 2005

“Excellent trip, even for a newbie kayaker like myself.  The guides were there every step of the way." -Josh G.

“As a part of the best group ever, we want to say how much we enjoyed meeting everyone and enjoying the trip itself—beautiful Crete, beautiful blue sea, delicious food, wine and raki—and taking us out of our biking rut into a new sport. Nancy, Glenna and George—always helpful and fun to be with.  Thank you.”-Barbara and Irwin C., Chicago. IL - Crete, 2005

“The guides were absolutely the nicest people- feel like they are friends- so considerate, helpful and most importantly fun!    Never have laughed so much so often.  The trip was life transforming- every sense engaged- perhaps one of the most magical experiences of my life.  Lots of laughs!!”-Jenifer B., Wilmette, IL - Crete, 2005

“What a wonderful trip!  I have gone on several vacations where I started not knowing a soul. This group has been the best by far. Nancy and Glenna were great and patient. George was an added bonus as a local guide. Thanks for a wonderful memory.” -Patty S.

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip and a wonderful experience.  The “private tour” was the best trip we’ve ever taken. We had such a good time with you- thanks so much for taking us.  We hope to do the trip again with our kids or with our friends.  We continue to eat Greek salad everyday!  It doesn’t taste the same though.  We even bought imported Greek feta but it’s not fresh!  Thanks again for everything.”  -Beth & Scott M., San Anselmo, CA - Crete, 2004

“It doesn’t get any better than this!  Great weather, food, kayaking and hiking- best of all, Rick and George make you feel like family coming home to visit.  Everything was perfectly organized, yet plenty of room for flexibility.  Rick is great at getting you to move out of your comfort zone and succeed.  The sunset hikes/cocktails were magnificent!  Many thanks for a fantastic trip for the body, mind and soul.”; -Scott & Beth M., San Anselmo, CA - Crete, 2004

“Thanks to Mike, Rick and George for an experience of a lifetime… the “fun meter” kept running and adding to the adventures.  This was a journey I’ll always remember with a smile in my heart!  Thanks for introducing me to Crete- it’s beautiful people, scenery and FOOD!  Thanks for being such an incredibly supportive, loving, funny and fun “two-some”, Mike and Rick.  You are the best!!  Life is truly a journey with many roads to travel and experiences to savor… this “road” was a “10” and this experience a “10!!”  One of the most memorable trips I’ve taken!  Refrain from bringing books- there’s no time to read.  Always, with fond memories!!”; -Kathleen J., Chicago, IL - Crete, 2004

“I have been to many places and have vacationed a great deal in Europe- this inn-to-inn kayaking has been the best adventure I have ever experienced.  Mike & Rick are the best- the people were great and helpful.  I would do it every year if I could.  Pack light- light- light-  Go with the flow and try everything that is new to you.   I felt like I designed the perfect trip.  I will never forget this most wonderful time in my life.; Thank you!”; -Pat M., Chicago, IL - Crete, 2004

“Moonlight paddling… cliff jumping… chief 2 moons… Had a fantastic time with an amazing group of people in a beautiful place doing adventurous activities that kept the fun meter spinning- fast!  Thank you!  We had a lot of fun!!  The leaders were goofy at appropriate times, creating a great dynamic.  We loved the group dynamic that was polished by fabulous dinners together.”-Jessica B., Wheaton, IL - Crete, 2004

“The guides were absolutely top-notch; best I’ve ever encountered.  The daily itinerary was excellent- many options, wonderful settings, fitted well with everyone’s interests and abilities.  A great experience with superb leadership and fine accommodations.  The tailoring of the experience to individual interests and abilities- not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”-Gary G., Evanston, IL - Crete, 2004

“Needing time to chill, time with no responsibility- I found it!  During this glorious week, I did not think about or write down one “to do”.  I slept deeply and loved each day’s adventure, while feeling I did not have to “do” anything.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Ann R., Cambridge, MA - Crete, 2004

“Everyone at the inns was super friendly and it was really cool to see how they liked Rick and were friends with him so we got the “special” treatment.  The guides were awesome!  Could not have done any better.  They were what made the trip so great.  It was physically challenging but not too much.” -Samuel B., Wheaton, IL - Crete, 2004

“Would like to see this level on the fun meter in other places in the world!  The playfulness of the guides and lack of rigidity was important to me.” -John M., Sterling, VA - Crete, 2004

“We had high hopes for this trip and the week surpassed our expectations!  Thanks to the great staff and wonderful company of a terrific group of guests.  We enjoyed the entire experience.  Come!  You’ll have a great time- patient staff who are very encouraging.  Fantastic bunch of people, both staff and guests.  The optimistic attitude of staff was infectious and led to wonderful, positive interactions among the guests.” -Bruce & Louise M., Portland, OR - Crete, 2004

“This was an amazing trip. I can’t imagine any more fun way to get sore legs and sore arms on alternate days.” -Bob R., Indianapolis, IN - Crete, 2004

“The guides were absolutely fabulous- they were all angels!  The daily itinerary was great- something for everyone, lots of options.  The people, the challenge, the adventure, everything.  Having spent ¼ of my life or more in Crete, this trip made me see Crete with new eyes.  I fell in love with Crete all over again.  NWP has created not just a trip but an experience with something for everyone.  The staff are angels with Hercules muscles.  It will challenge you, excite you, reinvigorate you- I feel like I have come away from this trip with a new zest for life.”  -Melissa P., Winnetka, IL - Crete, 2004

“So many never before attempted moments- cliff jumping, 25 mile paddles, public nudity… I came to Crete because the NWP trip best fit my schedule.  But with Rick & Mike & George, we got to see a side of it I suspect few see.  Not only were we off the beaten path, but wherever we went, we were embraced by locals who knew our guides.  Thanks for challenging me and keeping the fun meter rolling.  Advice for others?  Reclaim the raki!  Go topless on Red Beach.  Keep hydrated, wear Tevas (or buy fakes in Matala for 6 Euro) and seriously, pack light.  What an amazing week!  I love what you do.  Thanks for everything.  I look forward to the next trip.   See you again- soon!” -Debi C., Brooklyn, NY - Crete, 2004

“This final evening at the Pantheon overlooking Galini- table full of new friends- lots of laughter- suntans and smiles- the magic of throwing all these different people together and building this energy of comradeship.  Nancy is a fabulous cheerleader and keeps us all moving along with her leadership and encouragement.  Annie is so beautiful and understated but always there when we need someone to pull out of a problem.  What a week- it was perfect and wonderful and serene- and hard work and tiring.  This is a marvelous coast with precious villages and warm people and great food.  Thanks to all at Northwest for a spectacular week.  We can’t forget the great power above that gave us spectacular weather- great sun and soft winds to comfort us through this whole week.  Love to all…”  -Peter C., Washington, DC - Crete, 2004

“The staff was extremely helpful- always positive and concerned about our safety, comfort and fun!  They were sensitive to the individual needs of guests.  Loved the flexibility of interests.  Also loved several options each day.  Staff were superbly trained in skills needed, customer services, enthusiasm and encouragement to learn new things.  Always positive.  +++”  Deborah R., Cambridge, MA - Crete, 2004

“A fun week complete, in Gorge-ous Crete
The group was fine, enjoyed some wine.
Windy roads in the van, a Mediterranean tan.
A cappuccino here, a megali beer.
A stiff wind to Loutro, wow did it blow. 
Caves and waves, memories to the grave.
The rainbow of blue, all for you.
Let’s do it again, a perfect 10!!!!
-Ryan A.

“A wonderful trip for the “old” and “young”.  I hope to play with you guys again.  Beautiful country, scenery, the joy of visiting this wonderful country and seeing it from a “fluid” perspective.  A wonderful experience.  If visiting a foreign land, seeing its special beauty and enjoying the wonderful hospitality of its people is important, this trip is for you!  Thanks.”  -Chip B., Boston, VA - Crete, 2004

“This was my first experience with NWP and I am very impressed with the quality of people involved with this outfit.  Each guide is unique and lively and very responsible while keeping the experiences as fun and enjoyable as possible- even it it’s NOT- like paddling into 4 foot waves and killer headwind!  That difficult day aside, I had an unforgettable, unbelievable time!  I genuinely wish I’d met this group earlier… I hope I have more opportunities to travel with NWP in some form or another- perhaps learning another new skill!  I’ll never forget the coastline, the colors, the quaint little towns, the food, the work, the play, the partying, the lack of sleep, and the incredible times with great people!  I only hope you all had half as good a time having me here as I had being here!  Bless you all- never change- I love the attitude and vibe set by this crew!  Yamas!!” -Jason M., San Mateo, CA - Crete, 2004

“Thank you for yet another wonderful trip.  Next time (!) I will kayak a little more until I figure it out!  See you again, soon, I hope!”  -Cindy L., Sauk Rapids, MN (participant 1999, 2000, 2003 & 2004)

“Thank you for helping me relax, unwind, release stress, and put me on the path of change.  I feel very empowered and directed and will take many experiences back home with me after this wonderful week in Crete.  The yoga and meditation with Suddha was a very special addition- and I look forward to another Northwest Passage trip again very soon.  The guides were excellent- great team with Nancy & Adam!  They are fantastic with what they do.  The combination of yoga, kayaking and hiking was fantastic!  Especially loved having Helen and Kristin on the trip for massages afterwards.” -Deborah C., Chicago, IL - Crete, 2003

“The guides were more than helpful, sincerely caring.  I’ll adopt Nancy as a sister and Adam as brother/son in any lifetime!!  I loved the diversity, scenery, etc.  I loved all the options.  The best part was the balance between yoga, kayaking and hiking and the flexibility within the schedule.”  -Dominique M., Santa Fe, NM - Crete, 2003

“Want to forget your work-a-day life?  This trip will take you to new planes of existence.  Excellent staff- all of good spirits and attitude and exceptionally helpful.  Beautiful trip- well done!  Fantastic scenery.  A physically challenging trip but well worth the effort.  Even for a novice kayaker, the trip was doable and a great adventure in a unique environment.”    -Roger B., Le Claire, IA - Crete, 2003

“I came to you a computer-bound writer and you made me a kayaker.  I’ll never forget this trip- it changed my body, my mind, and my soul.  The guides were outstanding- please pay them well and keep them happy- they’re terrific.  I broke through so many physical and mental barriers through their kindness and competency that I lost count.  I’m a different and far more physically confident person than when I arrived.” -deTraci R., Greece for Visitors Guide; www.gogreece.about.com

For a personal account of deTraci’s adventure in May 2003, go to http://gogreece.about.com/library/weekly/aa061603e.htm
“Hmmm- that’s me a few pages back.  Couldn’t resist repeating the trip 5 months later.  What more can I say?  The guides were superheroes- at least demi-gods in disguise.  I’m a total convert.  This was my second trip with NWP and it won’t be my last.  My travels with you have expanded my mind, changed my body, and thrilled my soul.”    -deTraci R.

“It was a wonderful experience- ‘cool’ and ‘cute’ no longer describe it well.  Thanks for creating a week to remember and share with friends and family.  Must think of a new word to capture this.  The guides were completely without exception of the highest quality- Mike, Mike, Mike!  I was completely happy with the diversity and flexibility of the itinerary- could not have been more accommodating.  The challenge makes you feel good about yourself.” -Maureen M., Chicago, IL - Crete, 2003  

“Lucky to have run into NWPassage at Canoecopia- best impulse buy ever!  The guides were probably the most helpful people ever- hard to do anything for yourself!  Always a choice of activities, as challenging or relaxing (or both) as you want.  There is no better way to travel than with Northwest Passage." -Theresa T., Minneapolis, MN - Crete, 2003

“A trip of a lifetime…I’m so lucky to have worked for NWP and get to experience the pay of an excellent trip in the most beautiful land I’ve ever been to.  Can’t wait to do more work, so I can do more play.  Thanks, guys!”-Vicki G. (designer of 2003 NWP Adventure Journal)

“You’ll survive and have fun along the way.” -Andrea T., Wilmette, IL - Crete, 2003

“What a trip!  We brought the unexpected- wind, rain, cold weather and we loved it!  Many firsts- flying pouchs, crossing a flooded river, saving a poor German woman from the Gorge who was left behind by her tour guide.  Too bad that Mike had to tow Rick so often.  Great time and hate to leave.  I really like the local flavor and how well the people knew NWP people.” -Nancy & Terry M., Lake Forest, IL - Crete, 2003

“Wanted to do NW trips for years!  Love the trip- the ups and downs made it memorable.  Will go anytime after the bruises heal.”  -The Minoan Group

“Crete is an ancient and beautiful land.  This trip is a remarkable way to experience the land and the sea around us.  We paddled through large waves, with a staff so competent that we cheerfully took on impossible challenges.  Listening to the emerging embodied understanding of the sea, the cliffs, the wind.  Chi gong on the beach in the sunrise.  A joy.  Extremely well planned and executed.  A great combination of a rich cultural setting and exciting, challenging physical activity.  Excellent leadership.”    -Charlie H., Surrey, UK - Crete, 2003

“Wonderful trip!!  Adventure friendship- hard work- learning- great location- great food- more drink than we needed.  Quality trip.  Rick, Mike & George were great- lots of adversity but we always had fun and came out on top.  Thank you.  Thank you- We’ll go again.  A quality experience at every level.  Thank you!  Better than expected by far.  Guides were the best- safe, qualified, helpful and fun!!  Very knowledgeable on kayaking and water; always accommodating and willing to help with anything.  This trip was a challenge for my body!  I feel great that I was able to kayak “OK” and my technique improved some from nothing to passable.  Daily itinerary was excellent- history, hiking, adventure, pushing us to experience all we can.” -Hod & Willa K., Scottsbluff, NE - Crete, 2003

“I thought the accommodations were outstanding, guides were excellent, daily itinerary very flexible.  Guides were very safety conscious.  Not being a swimmer, it boosted by confidence.  We enjoyed the trip tremendously.  Weather was not perfect but the crew kept the ‘fun meter spinning.’  I like Crete.  Great job.” -Sharon & John V., Lincoln, NE - Crete, 2003

“A fantastic time!  Experience Crete to its fullest.  Do everything you can.  When in doubt- go for it!  Special thanks to Rick and the guides for making every day special.  A fantastic honeymoon.  Ignore any reservations about a group vacation for a honeymoon- we had a blast!  The NWPassage made an already terrific trip special and there’s plenty of flexibility in the schedule.  Be sure to bring an extra memory stick and recharger for your digital camera!”-Amy & David R., Crystal Lake, IL - Crete, 2003

“This was a great way to start our life together after our marriage. We really enjoyed the other people we met, the food, the culture and the experience was more than we could have hoped for. George has become a good friend and was very helpful explaining the island. Nancy and Glenna worked very hard to keep the trip first class and safe. Our honeymoon was great.” -Michael and Cheryl D.

“A wonderful experience thanks to Rick, Nancy, Mike, Adam, George and all the fellow travelers- even the pirates of the sea in the naval battles!  The guides were fantastic!!  Extremely helpful, pleasant, competent.  They all did everything in their power to help every person individually and still they worked so hard loading boats, etc.  Itinerary was very good- it was great to have the variety- some hikes as well as kayaking.  The sea caves and cliff jumping were great.  It was also nice to have the van option.  Absolutely wonderful trip.  Don’t miss the sunset hikes.”      -Liz B., Eagle River, AK - Crete, 2003

“Thank you for enriching my life.  The experience has been magical thru the wonderful scenery, the spiritual expansion thru yoga, the physical development of kayaking and hiking and the sharing of life’s experiences of my fellow trip companions.  Thanks!  The overall quality of the trip was excellent and was beyond any expectations I had.  The options offered helped to make this trip memorable and will be treasured by me as long as I can remember the experience.  I recommend this trip without qualifications.  If you would like to be enriched mentally, physically and spiritually, this is the trip to take!” -Joe M.,Glenview, IL - Crete, 2003

“Saturday night toast, 5/24/03, sung to ‘Henry the 8th, I am’
I kayak the sea I do
Kayak the Cretan Sea I do
I came here with The Northwest Passage
They’ve been here many times before
It’s 82° and sunny
Kayaking the Cretan Sea”
-Josh G., Wethersfield, CT - Crete, 2003

“The accommodations were great, especially because of the relationships with owners you have cultivated.  The guides were remarkably helpful- very organized, clear and knowledgeable.  What was the best was the positive attitude- very commendable.  Thong wearing would have been a plus!  I liked the cappuccino stops.  The more sights along the way, the better- beaches, caves, cliff-diving, botched rock-climbing attempts, etc.” -Faith M., New York, NY - Crete, 2003

“An experience that was beyond extraordinary.  Thanks for making the inaccessible accessible.  Sign me up for any trip with Mike!  The guides were incredible.  The itinerary was excellent- diverse and interesting.  Best part was the incredible opportunity to kayak in Crete with the world’s best guides.  Wow!  Thanks!  Thanks!” -Marilynne R., Chevy Chase, MD - Crete, 2003

“This was a week of splendid options, a group of unique people, great vistas.   A combination of active doing and passive being.  Inspiring, uplifting and integrating.  The flexibility of people and positive attitude were outstanding.”    -Suddha W., Evanston, IL - Crete, 2003

“This was a very special vacation with folks of all ages that were up for challenges of a lifetime.  The mix of hiking, kayaking and the history of this beautiful island was perfect.  The staff were the best!!  Always available, knowledgeable, helpful, talented- excellent skills.  Nancy, Rick and Mike are great leaders and George connected us to his wonderful island in a very special way.  Many thanks for fulfilling another dream.”  -Marilyn R., Chevy Chase, MD - Crete, 2003

“Thanks to Rick and staff for cutting us loose and keeping us safe!  We’re glad it was so much more than we expected!”-Brenda R., New york, NY - Crete, 2003

“Thanks for letting each of us be us.  Your caring flexibility, attention to details, concern for safety, and ability to help us learn from your store of knowledge and special skills made tripping with you a joy beyond expectation—and a memory forever.”  - Larry A. Davenport, IA - Crete, 2002

"The best organized, friendliest, most accommodating trip I have ever taken.  Rick gets the exceptional hospitality and service from tavernas and hotels. Nancy solves every problem and shares her wealth of experience. Mike encourages, soothes, calms, and instructs paddlers to new experiences and growth-a wealth of talents, always friendly, always smiling! George shared his love of homeland and deep respect for humanity with us all. Thank you for giving us insight into your long history.   Variety, options, individual tastes were all met.  You make an intricately planned tour look easy-always smiling and offering assistance. We'll travel with you again!" -Linda A., Bigfork, MT - Crete, 2002

“All my hopes of a terrific trip were fulfilled.  Crete is gorgeous.  The staff bent over backwards to make everyone happy.  George was a great addition to the trip.” -Caroline A., Salt Lake City, UT - Crete, 2002

“This was the most special of all the trips I’ve taken- Thank you!”-Bonnie M., St. Helena Island, SC - Crete, 2002

“A great trip in which to enjoy challenges, culture and natural beauty.  A long-awaited trip that will become a memorable experience.” –Barbara T., East Windsor, CT - Crete, 2000

"A really superb week. Nancy, Mike, and Rick really kept us on the go! Great mix of paddling and hiking and different paddling conditions. A kayaking trip that would be impossible to beat, and one that we will do again. We both learned a lot of new skills Thanks so much for taking such good care of us." -Rupert W. & Cathy R., Hood River, OR - Crete, 2002

“Thank you for a dream come true-the experience was fantastic!” –Judi A., Henderson, NV - Crete, 2002

"I loved this trip. It's just what I needed! Being outside hiking and kayaking with great people and great guides. Lots of fantastic food, too! I wish I could stay here!" -Karen M., Dallas, TX - Crete, 2002

"This was an incredible trip for me-a dream, a flying dream! Crete is an absolutely beautiful place and I'm so happy to have been introduced to it. This was a wonderful group of people to spend time with a very generous, warm group. The NWP staff were great guides both in terms of the paddling and the mood of the group-a great combination of charismatic, motivating energy and steady, calming encouragement. I'm going to miss you all! Kayaking is now at the top of my absolutely favorite things in the world to do! When I get home I'll be sure to tell all my friends to go on one of these trips, buy myself a sea kayak and dust off my old Joni Mitchell albums and listen. Thanks so much for an experience I'll never forget!"    -Mavis M., Takoma Park, MD - Crete, 2002

"We both enjoyed the whole trip. There is a great variety of activities which we enjoyed and a wonderful water experience! Safety was emphasized-we enjoyed everyone and everything. Thanks to all!" -Jill & Don B., Spofford, NH - Crete, 2002

“I’ve been to heaven- and it is Crete.  I’ve fallen in love with a fabulous country and I shall return.  I owe it all to NWP- Rick, Nancy & Mike.  Thank you so much!”      -Bob D., Evanston, IL - Crete, 2002

“Hats off to Rick for hiring such a talented and fun team.  It was easy to relax and take risks when your life is in the hands of experienced professionals.  Mike and Nancy walk on water.  I came here knowing nothing and leave feeling empowered and ready to go again.  Great options in the itinerary- thanks for keeping us away from the crowds.  Rick has done a wonderful job of networking with the locals and it pays off.  Thank you all for the time of my life.” -Connie R., Lakewood, CO - Crete, 2002

"Crete was more than I expected. It just got better every day. I will never forget the Samarian Gorge-the options of kayaking or hiking was so nice. My hope is that I can do another adventure trip with NWP. You are all the BEST! Thank you, thank you."-Betty T., Spofford, NH - Crete, 2002

‘As the tour busses go by with large crowds, I am so grateful for our personal, delightful, challenging yet nurturing kayaking and hiking group.  This brings the Crete people and land and heritage to a very personal level.  I couldn’t imagine any other way to go.  Thanks.”  -Linda D., Evanston, IL - Crete, 2002

“Thanks for the introduction to Crete- its stunning landscapes, seascapes, villages and people.  Your appreciation of this land permeates the whole experience.  I leave feeling competent, healthy, exuberant.  May others find much joy in your good hands.”  -Susan H., Berkeley, CA - Crete, 2002

“This was a wonderful combination of people- I truly felt at home with everyone, especially George and his stories.” -Gillian B., San Diego, CA - Crete, 2001

“To Rick, Nancy, Matt and George-  Thank you for a most wonderful adventure.  The trip certainly held up to our expectations.  We believe we have the same feeling for Crete as you people obviously have; P.S.  Jill promises to practice the “Mexico Roll” for our next trip!”
-Laurie & Jill W., Sydney, Australia - Crete, 2001

“Great trip- Crickey, it was good!” -Bruce & Joan C., Kareela, Australia - Crete, 2001

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip-the kayaking, the hiking, the dinners.  The staff was terrific.  Thanks to all for a fantastic trip.”-John A., Newnan, GA - Crete, 2001

“This was a great trip.  True my butt was always wet and my feet almost fell off from hiking but it was an experience that has given me fabulous memories.  Loved the group and learned a great many new skills.” -Bobbi S., Glenview, IL - Crete, 2001

“‘On a trip like this, you will discover your own capabilities and limitations.’  Thus spoke Rick.  I feel I did, and I have grown with this week’s experience” -Gail M., Poway, CA - Crete, 2001

“Nice work. Great selection of hotels...terrific tavernas with great grub...nice sidelights e.g. sunset walks, cool shopping recommendations...great competencies in kayaks. Loved the stretching of me, my mind, my body, my perspective. What more could someone ask for? Loved my time with all of you and your subtle and very effective ways.” -Ginny C., Boulder, CO - Crete, 2000

“Sometimes you need to stretch your spirit to fully understand what you are truly capable of...Kayaking was an opportunity for me to stretch out to new accomplishments and to interact in a wonderful cultural environment. Thank you Rick, Annie, Nancy and Emily for the experience of a lifetime.” -Jayne H., Richmond, VA - Crete, 2000

“Beautiful seas, beautiful scenery, beautiful people! Food, drink and exercise - my kind of vacation!   Thank you –I loved it!” -Maryann R., Burr Ridge, IL - Crete, 2000

“I loved my Northwest Passage experience! I had not kayaked previously but it was something that I had planned to do for several years - so it was a dream come true. The most vivid and satisfactory experience was our final paddle of the trip. We had windy conditions and happy water was dancing around the kayak. At that moment all the teaching and lessons came together as we maneuvered to our landing site. I have not had that feeling of confidence and completion for years. I am most happy to talk with anyone about my experience.”-Jayne H., Richmond, VA - Crete, 2000

“Goethe said ‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic to it.’  Thank you all for helping me make this quote come true for me.  Best always,” -Amelia T., Alamo, TX - Crete, 2000

“The opportunity to experience new challenges in a beautiful, beautiful place was the best experience of my life! The Cretan culture and wonderful hospitality coupled with the best tour company (Northwest Passage) made for quite a powerfully enjoyable combination. I will remember this week always...the people, the seas, the food and the experience.  A must for anyone interested in enjoying life!”; -Linda S., Littleton, CO - Crete, 2000

“Beautiful places, great water to paddle and excellent staff. They know how to make you feel good.” -Rachel S., New York, NY - Crete, 1999

“What would I say to someone considering doing this trip?; DON’T DELAY!” -Dick V., Boulder, CO - Crete 1999

“Experiencing a week of sea kayaking in the Mediterranean is what drew me to this trip. We do not do much sea kayaking in Ohio! Being in the water and paddling past spectacular scenery was exactly what we had hoped for. An added bonus was the quality of people we met on this trip - a good group of like-minded people set on a good adventure! And did we have an adventure! Thank you!” -Kathy V., Boulder, CO - Crete, 1999

“Our group was friendly and fun. The staff members were a part of the group even though they worked long hours. The quality of personal instruction was excellent, and every day was different. I’m going to tell my friends about this trip!”  -David K., Bloomfield, CT - Crete, 1999

“The trip was fabulous! The support vehicles and the many options made the trip especially enjoyable for me.” -Marilyn B., Haslett, MI - Crete, 1998