Vanuatu: A Remote Island Paradise A New Adventure Offered by The Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage is at it again pushing the limits of adventure travel. One of our newest trips currently being offered is a kayak adventure covering part of the island Espiritu Santu, one of the islands in the archipelago that makes up the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.

This archipelago consists of around 80 islands created by volcanic activity. Around 60 of these islands are inhabited by people whose ancestors have inhabited these islands for over 3,000 years making these islands full of rich culture and tradition. Part of the joy of adventure is not only exploring a new place but being exposed to a unique culture, one that you may have never heard about.

This place can best be described as a paradise. When one thinks of paradise they usually picture aquamarine waters, isolated white sand beaches, world-class snorkeling and diving, and fresh fruit at every turn. Espiritu Santu has all of this and so much more. Apart from all of the things stated above Espiritu Santu, Vanuatu has the largest concentration of freshwater blue holes. These holes are famous for their unbelievable blue color, swimmability, and remote jungle setting. On our Northwest Passage adventure, we will be lucky enough to paddle to some of these blue holes and take insights that most people in this world never get to see.

In seeking adventure we look to explore truly out of the way places where people can experience unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Imagine those island paradises before they were filled with resorts and cruise ship stops. Vanuatu prides itself on being a destination that has not been affected by excessive tourism, much of the small island charm remains. Most people in the world never get to see a place like this much less see it from a kayak, the best way to see a tropical island. While kayaking from one inn to the next our trip will highlight activity-filled days with all the comfort of sleeping in a bed every night and a hearty meal at the end of every day.

If the South Pacific has been on your travel list there is no better time to go than now. Be a part of the first Northwest Passage adventure to go to Espiritu Santu and help us create a truly unforgettable experience.

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