Sure, you're out here to challenge yourself and take some risks, but you want to know that you'll come home happy and healthy. Your safety is our top priority in all of our planning. Our guides are experienced and in trained in the hazards and rewards of each trip activity and destination. Each guide carries appropriate certifications in first aid, wilderness medicine and sport specific instructing and skills certificates.

Environmental Stewardship

The Northwest Passage has a proud tradition of environmental and social stewardship. Simply put, we believe it's important to take care of the places we visit, and give back to the people who act as our local guides and hosts. Contact us for more information about our environmental initiatives, and for tips to reduce your impact on the environment at home and while on vacation.


At the end of a day spent outdoors, you want a hearty meal and good night's rest. We pay careful attention to the food and accommodations you enjoy. On inn-to-inn trips you visit small, family owned inns and restaurants, chosen for their welcoming hospitality, fresh food and high service standards. For our camping trips we prepare delicious meals in your campsite, offering up fresh seafood on a secluded caye or hearty fajitas enjoyed around a campfire. We use high quality tents and equipment, and help you choose the right personal gear to keep you snug and comfortable all night.
Fun! This is what you came for! All our guides love what they do and are eager to share their love of the outdoors and adventure with you. You'll enjoy the unique opportunity of sharing your adventure with new friends and old among our small groups and friendly staff. But which adventure is the one for you? A few simple questions will guide you to the experience you're looking for:

When do you want to travel?

Are you looking for a mid-winter escape or a long summer vacation? Ready to leave now? Whether you want to ski, kayak, doglsed or rock climb, we have the adventure you're looking for all year round!

Where do you want to go?

Whether you're looking for an adventure to take you overseas or something closer to home, you'll find it on this site. Our trips are organized by region, and you can easily navigate our trips by using the sidebar on our homepage.

What do you want to do?

Most of our adventures focus on one sport such as sea kayaking, cycling, hiking, climbing or dogsledding, but all offer some variety in your daily activity. The trip details box and trip description highlight the activities, accommodations and dates the trip is offered.

Ready for a challenge?

All adventure travel offers the opportunity to stretch your limits and try new experiences. Our skill ratings for each trip will help you determine how much your vacation will challenge you. The Northwest Passage designs adventures to suit all levels of expertise, from novice to expert. Each trip carries a skill rating that reflects the skill level needed to enjoy the trip, the terrain you cover and the conditions you can expect to encounter. Use the ratings as a guide to help you choose an adventure that's right for you. Please see our skill rating descriptions.